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You've gone to the rorororo wrong site. You all have.



This is a rip-off.

You know, i've made a dozen wikis like this.

Pies, pies, pieypieypieypie! Crispy, yumy crunchy, warm cold BOOOMMMMSSSSHHHHAAAAKKKKAAAALLLLAAAKKKAAAA!!!Whoa! I'm DEAD! God said I am. Hey, Godsey, Where are you? Oh. I've turned in to a poo. Wet farts aren't nice. The leave brown patches all over your cloths. Loud farts are hard to keep in. You think silent farts are Good? NO! THEY ARE NOT! The trade-off is the double smell. Long farts are not loud ussaly, but people notice them after a while.

I'm a 110 years old. I've farted more times than you've had poos. Dosn't sound much? You were a baby, once, and you used to poop like hell. Mountains and mountains of poo, and over-flowing nappys.

I'm also a computer. A farting, pooing one. I killed the anti compute systems by farting on them. Now I'm here, on Fcfctfcytf8iuhuy756edryftugyi wiki. That name sounds BBAADD. Never mind.

Hey, kids, figure out this sum: 2X4=X-E+3+5% of the overall sum which means that W-X must equil 90, which then leads us to 99832+45% of G-H+J@HJJKASD which would then theory out as XXXZCTF times 567 divied by 12% of the over all sum which Is weepoo times FARTFACE+X+V= Xteen, of cource! You should of figured that out in no time!

I've got a little song for you that gos to the tune of mama mia;

Oh, diareoh, it dribbles down your legs, OOOOHHHHHHH!!!! DIAREOH! It gos o the floor!

If your STILL reading this, you have some guts, and a rude sheild. And I will reward you. Whith this! #computer fart# HHHHAAAAHHHHAAAA! You wasted your time! I'm evil. byeeeeeeeeeee!

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